The Electrical Team handles all electrical and electronic components of the car. This team’s main priorities are maximizing the power drawn from the solar array, efficiently supplying power to the car’s electrical systems, providing the driver with proper interfaces, ensuring safe charge and discharge of the batteries, and transmitting data from the car back to the rest of the team.

Hardware Integration

The subteam is in charge of high voltage wiring, solar integration, power distribution, embedded integration, and motor wiring.

 Lead: Ben Kessler

2nd year Computer Engineering

    Quentin     Olsen

3rd year Electrical Engineering

 Gabriel Gladstone

3rd year Computer Engineering

  Luis Ramos-Garcia

2nd year Mechanical  Engineering

  Ryan Lekuch

2nd year Computer Science

Mark Piatko

2nd year Aerospace Engineering


The sub-team deals with PCB, ECU, software, embedded wiring, and CAN. 

Lead:  Ethan Ermovick

3rd Year Computer Engineering

 Shreepa Parthaje

 3rd Year Computer Science

 Cole Smith

  3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

Michael Fatemi

  2nd Year Computer Science

Colby Wise

 2nd Year Computer Engineering

Robel Woldegyorgis

4th Year Computer Engineering


The subteam is in charge of battery wiring and testing, monitoring cell and module health, ensuring integrity of battery contacts and module stability, heat management, and the battery management system. 

 Lead: Simone Borin

2nd Year Electrical Engineering

 Tyler Kaczmarek

  2nd Year Aerospace Engineering

Joey Giordano

 2nd Year Material Science and Engineering


The subteam is in charge of MPPT, interfacing with the aeroshell, and wiring. 

Lead: Sarthak Pathak

2nd Year Chemical Engineering

Meghana Guttikonda

3rd Year Computer Engineering

Atharv Gupta

2nd Year Systems Engineering

Bhargav Moosani

3rd Year Electrical Engineering


Develops software that enables our driver and pit to view critical information about the car’s electrical system