Solar Car Team at UVA

Solar Car Team at UVA is an experiential learning program of the School of Engineering where students obtain hands-on interdisciplinary experience in the design, manufacturing, testing, fundraising, exhibition, and racing of solar cars. Students from all areas of study are welcome to join us!


The team is grouped into three sub-teams: mechanical, electrical, and operations. Mechanical deals with using advanced design and manufacturing tools to create braking, steering, suspension, chassis, and aerobody systems in addition to carbon fiber composites body work. Electrical is responsible for constructing an architecture combining battery, solar array, embedded processing, telemetry, and hardware integration systems. Operations works with fundraising, accounting, university and industrial relations, logistics, and outreach. 

Team Directors

Engineering Director

      Jeffrey Grow

Electrical Director

        Kevin Dang

Mechanical Director

   Dhruv Singh

Operations Director

Vishnu Lakshmaman

Team Advisor

Prof. Tomonari Furukawa

Professor and Zinn Faculty Scholar

Director of VICTOR Lab 

Professor Furukawa has extensive research experience in the field of robotics and computational mechanics. He has published over 300 journal and refereed conference papers, served on Editorial Boards for five international journals, and as an international organizing committee member for over 10 international conferences, and won a number of career research awards and paper awards.