• Our journey

    Our first car competed in Sunrayce 1999, which started in Washington, D.C. and finished in Orlando, FL. We then built our second car and raced in the American Solar Challenge in 2001.

    Two engineers with a vision

    More than a decade later, two students decided to bring solar car racing back to UVA. This time around, they not only wanted to build a solar car, but also a unique learning platform for the UVA community.

    Developing the team

    Weekly workshops and team meetings as well as a strategic leadership structure ensure that our members are well-equipped to build a competitive car.

    Building the car

    Our car has been fully modeled using CAD software and we will continue to improve upon our design through CFD simulations and wind-tunnel testing.

    The team with the 2nd UVa solar car in the reactor building

    A growing, sustainable team

    After 3 years of developing our team, we now have 25 core members in leadership positions and 40 contributing members.


    Our 65 members represent 34 different majors across the university, contributing to a holistic approach in decision-making.

    The team with the 2nd UVa solar car in the reactor building

    Racing aspirations

    2 years into the design and production process, we are now well-equipped to showcase our talent on the race track at the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) 2019!

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