The Mechanical Team is responsible for all non-electrical design, simulation, and manufacturing. Each member of the team is trained in the principles of mechanical design, 3-D design, and structural simulation. This team prioritizes the safety and performance of our vehicles.


Aerobody Team:

The subteam is in charge of advanced CAD modeling of the car’s aeroshell while also performing computational fluid dynamics.

Cristhian Vasquez 2020 Aerospace(1).JPG

Lead: Christhian Vasquez

4th Year Aerospace Engineering

Avery Goldberg 2023 EE.JPG

Avery Goldberg

1st Year Electrical Engineering

Justin Smith


Braking and steering team:

The subteam is in charge of creating CAD models of steering geometry and brake system while also performing analysis to optimize both systems.

Brett Mihovetz 2023.JPG

Lead: Brett Mihovetz

1st Year

LaDawna McEnhimer 2022 CPE.JPG

LaDawna McEnhimer

2nd Year Computer Engineering

Ellaina Jung 2023 Mech E.JPG

Ellaina Jung

1st Year Mechanical Engineering


Chassis Team:

The subteam designs the main structural frame of the car and uses Finite Element Analysis to optimize size.

Sandesh Banskota 2020 Mech E.JPG

Lead: Sandesh Banskota

4th Year Mechanical Engineering

Harry Singh 2022 Mech E.JPG

Harry Singh

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering

George Ardura 2023 Aerospace.JPG

George Ardura

1st Year Aerospace Engineering


Eva Paleo

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering


Composites Team:

The subteam is in charge of carbon fiber fabrication.


Lead: Zach Khan

2nd Year Electrical Engineering


Anish Vegesna

3rd Year Aerospace Engineering


Matthew Barbieri

1st Year Engineering Design


Zach Ross

1st-Year Computer Engineer

Suspension team:

The subteam is in charge of creating CAD models of suspension geometry and using Matlab and Python to optimize design.


Lead: Haoyu Li

John Cooper


Byunghyun Yoon