• Bring our Race Crew to Formula Sun Grand Prix!

    We have estimated that we will need $650 per race crew member to go to the race, which covers race crew wear and race logistics. Below are profiles of our Race Crew Members, please help us get to the race by donating to individual team members. Thank you so much for your support!

  • Arslan Aziz, Team Lead

    3rd Year Biomedical Engineering

    It's been a privilege to work with such a talented team on the solar car project. As team lead, I hope to inspire my peers to achieve their full potential, and hope they gain the confidence to become future leaders in their careers. I've learned how to interface engineering systems, manage a holistic project, and motivate peers to achieve a common goal.

    I'm excited to race this summer with the first generation of our vehicle and for what the team will accomplish next. The $650 covers accommodation, race crew gear and travel logistics. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated!

    Malcolm Miller, Electrical Team Lead

    2nd Year Computer Engineering

    This race marks a major milestone for our organization. We will represent UVA in solar car racing after 20 years.

    The two years I've spent on the team as Electrical Lead have been in preparation for this race. By funding us, you give us the opportunity to showcase the car that we've put countless hours of hard work into and to showcase the astounding team that we have developed here at UVA.

    Sandesh Banskota, Mechanical Team

    2nd year Mechanical Engineering

    Being part of the tight-knit Solar Car Team at UVA has been an incredible experience. We have put in a lot of work and it is great to see our goal of building a car that runs entirely on solar power coming to fruition.

    Alicia Wang, Operations Team Lead

    4th year Commerce

    I am the Business and Operations team lead and have been on the Solar Car Team at UVA for the past three years. I have helped build the foundation that the team needs to fundraise sustainably, including building a website and network, hosting fundraisers, documenting our journey and more. The Solar Car Team has been the most rewarding experience I have had at the University of Virginia. It is the organization that allows me to have a hands-on application of my business education and has uncovered my passion for technology. I love being able to work with students and professors from across the university and learn about all the cool things that I otherwise would not have.

    Kristina Fauss, Production Lead

    3rd Year Civil Engineering

    I work as the UVA Solar Car Team's Production Lead and will also be one of the primary drivers during the FSGP 2018.

    My team works to build the car and is responsible for collecting and organizing information on materials and build methods (such as welding, carbon fiber wet layup, mold construction, and CNC). I train our team and lead them through composite builds.

    After many hours of work, late nights, long weekends, studying with team mates for hours waiting for resin to cure, I cannot wait to see our car on the track. The $650 covers accommodation, team gear and travel logistics. Please help us get there, thank you for your support!

    Maxim Poe, Electrical Team

    3rd Year Electrical Engineering

    The Solar Car Team at UVA is a fun project to be involved with as it allows me to share and gain new knowledge, skills and practical engineering experience.

    I have been part of the Solar Car team since it's initial reboot. I have contributed to major component selections in regard to the electrical design.

    These include the Battery Protection/Management System.(BPS/BMS), the Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), PV cells, telemetry systems, battery selection and configuration, and onboard embedded systems for monitoring and logging data.

    I am very excited about the chance to travel to FSGP this year and field test our very first solar car! The $650 covers accommodation, race crew gear and travel logistics. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated!

    Emma Yeats, Production Team

    1st Year Aerospace Engineering and Physics

    I've been a part of UVA's Solar Car Team since last semester. Being an active member of the Aerobody Subgroup has seen me contribute towards designing the battery box. In doing this, I've learned about airflow concepts and programs like SolidWorks and CFD.

    FSGP 2018 is hugely important and it’s a great opportunity for us to make an entrance to the international solar car racing community! It would serve as a great way to see our designs in use and to learn through interactions with other competitors.

    Jack Zelman, Mechanical Team Lead

    3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

    Please help us raise money for our upcoming competition this summer so that we can put our engineering to the test on the track!

    We'd love to represent our amazing school and state in the North American Formula Sun Grand Prix, and you can help us make this dream a reality!

    Vivian Lin, Electrical Team

    2nd Year Computer Engineering

    The Solar Car Team at UVa has been working hard to build a car that we can race at the 2018 Formula Sun Grand Prix - our Team's first race in nearly 20 years!

    As a member of the Electrical Sub-Team, I have had my hands in several projects, including developing the system that powers the car and ensuring that our driver has a working dash board and turn signals.

    Being a member of this team has helped me grow both as a student (always learning new things) and as an engineer. I'm excited to see the result of our Team's efforts race down the track this summer!

    The $650 covers accomodation, race crew gear and travel logistics. Any donation amount would help us in achieving our goal of racing this summer, and will be greatly appreciated!

    Philip Renkert, Production Team

    2nd Year Mechanical Engineering

    I joined the solar car team last year looking for a way to get my hands dirty and help transform all the engineering theory I’m learning as a mechanical engineering student into something physical.

    Since then, I’ve learned how to build with carbon fiber, modeled and simulated components in CAD software, and helped enlist team sponsors - all with the goal of seeing our car compete in July. FSGP 2018 would be the first solar car race that UVA participates in, in 20 years!

    Solar Car allows us to use modern, efficient technology to create something that is uniquely ours and helps pave the way for the future of transportation.

    The $650 covers accommodation, race crew gear and travel logistics. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I would appreciate your support for the upcoming race!

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